Yesterday I set out to take pictures of the beautiful Great Salt Lake Sunset with my trusty Samsung NX1 but first, I did a bit of research to find where the sun would be heading and found a great spot to capture.

I arrived around 7 pm (just two hours before the sun set) to plan out my shots and get a feel for what the Great Salt Lake had to offer. I didn’t realize it would take me almost two hours to walk from the road out to the Lake. This was mostly because I was distracted by photo opportunities in the form of wood planks and rail road ties sticking out of the salty mud.

During the shoot, I played around a lot with exposure bracketing to try to process some nice HDR images (nifty tutorial here) and I also used shutter priority to increase my shutter duration and soften the waves of the lake.

Below are just a few of the hundreds of beautiful pictures I was able to capture in this unique landscape.